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Kingdom Warriors Studios

Kingdom Warriors Studios

March 15, 20241 min read

Kingdom Warriors Studios

Kingdom Warriors Studios is an entertainment media company that is leading the charge in creating a new wave of both Excellent and Righteous entertainment.


While mainstream media overlords are creating nefarious, agenda-driven content and Christians are creating content that in inauthentic, low-quality, and does not appeal to a wider audience outside of the “choir”, 2+ billion families worldwide crave virtuous and high-quality entertainment.


Kingdom Warriors Studios is developing a wide range of entertainment media:

  • Animation Feature Film - Legends of Ileydria

  • Feature Film – Legends of Ileydria

  • Merchandise – Toys, Comics, Apparel

  • Video Game - Partnership with CAA

  • Additional Film Projects in development phase - 2 documentary style films

  • Challengers of the Realm - Card Game, Video Game, Animated Series

  • $1-2m Physical production studio and services

  • Future Online Streaming Platform

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A new type of entertainment experience that combines Christian values with world-class production and storytelling. We do this by drawing in the best values-aligned talent in the world who would otherwise be “cancelled” in Hollywood.

Industry Sector: Digital Media/Entertainment
Stage: Series A
Requesting: $3.5M

Technology that helps your facility enhance your customer's experience

Industry Sector: ---
Stage: ---
Requesting: ---

Atlas Interactive makes the complex sale simple and engages your customers with a brand centric one-of-a-kind experience.

Industry Sector: Technology
Stage: Post-Revenue
Requesting: $2M

A revolutionary new streaming platform that uses in-game currency to allow subscribers to fund the content they want to see, while freeing up film makers to tell the stories the woke Hollywood mob won't allow.

Industry Sector: B2C SAAS
Stage: Post-Revenue
Requesting: $2M

A Business Internet with Absolute Security, Privacy and Trust has Arrived

Industry Sector: Technology
Stage: Pre-Revenue
Requesting: $5M

Most Faith based Organizations lack the resources to manage and deploy technology necessary to maximize their mission. Tech complexity creates a growing tech gap that has led to declining engagement and creates a new and real risk of being deplatformed.

Industry Sector: Technology
Stage: Post-Revenue
Requesting: $10M

Finding Guns Made Easy

Industry Sector: B2C SAAS
Stage: Post-Revenue
Requesting: $500K

Reversing the 70% college faith drop-off and multiplying leaders for America

Industry Sector: Non-Profits
Stage: Post-Revenue
Requesting: $700K

A faith-based film based on the true story of Jeanne StarrGater’s family reeling in tragedy and finding strength and resilience through faith and family.

Industry Sector: Entertainment
Stage: Pre-Revenue
Requesting: $1.5M

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